Sep 2, 2010

Fear not my fellow Bloggers! I have nearly made it through the mirky mire of busy art shows, dreadful job woes, unheard monotones and messy room cyclones to get back to you guys and finally post something on here! And now that I'm back........
I'm going to Chicago! But it's only for a week; not even that. I'll be back. Until then, you can see what I've done the past week (which is to do more design work for free than I've done all summer for money)

Chelsey Mossburg, (23/mother/wife) was recently injured in a life-threatening car accident. I created the identity for her family's fundraising campaign, as well as tickets to an event, a tri-fold brochure, and a flyer. Please visit here or here to learn more and consider donating to her family.

And in addition to all that, I've been doing a good bit of work for the church I attend as well. The following 2-sided cards were done in the last week along with this PUSH work.

SIDEBAR: The use of a drop shadow was used purely for visual purposes only, to show the difference in teh top and the bottom. Thank you.


  1. looks great man! i like the 2 sided cards...

  2. wow, you HAVE been busy. keep me posted on yr arrival time.

  3. The church pieces are very well organized within a clear hierarchy and are conservative without being boring. Nice typography, good stuff.