Jan 11, 2010

New Years Resolutions

It's a new year so here's a manifesto for what I plan to do this year
(mainly for my personal records):
Be more organized BY using a calendar/notebook, keeping a clean room, etc
Be more creative BY drawing often, taking more photos, designing more, finding freelance work, etc

Be more health conscious BY going to the gym once a week, eating healthier, consuming less sugary stuff, etc 
Save $100 a month
Get a bike

Get a tattoo
Get a stereo system for my record player

Give friends their stuff back on a holiday which I will create called National Give Friends Their Stuff Back Day
Quit using neutraface as a crutch cold turkey
Quit cussing BY successfully replacing cuss words with the word cuss

Make music with friends It's a little known fact that I can play guitar and sing. I'd like to share that this year.
Make a website for my senior project
Be more driven to successfully accomplish these goals