Dec 13, 2009


So I can start to get back to my life again.
Here's what I've been doing lately...

A zine created for Time and Sequence based on our own manifesto's on design. Mine is rather
random, but I like how it turned out.

Here's a stop motion animation for Time and Sequence – We were assigned
a magazine (mine was GQ) and we had to make haikus from random words
we cut out of the magazine. The final product is 5 animations with only
type, 2 with only images, and 3 with a combination of type and image.

Did I ever mention that I won 3 Inshow Awards?!?! Its a local design competition for designers from
South Carolina.

I won in the student category for these things:



History of Neutraface from Kevin Archie on Vimeo.

Gerald Andal, Mckenna Kemp and Jason Richburg all won in the student category as well. Check out their stuff if you can. They're all very talented!

An invitation I designed for a christmas party
(that I actually printed and will send in real mail...or at least that's the idea).


I suppose that's enough for right now. I'll start updating this blog again on a regular basis now. Sorry for the retarded delay. Have a nice day!